Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 6 Weigh In

So I held steady this week.  I'm 303.6 which is barely a loss over last week. .4 lbs to be exact.  Is this a plateau?  Am I eating too many pickles?  Gaining muscle (this is unlikely)? I must be hoarding fat...

Week 6 Goals

1) Not going to weigh myself - I think weighing every morning and not seeing the losses messed with my head last week.  So for Week 6 I will not be weighing again until Saturday the 31st.

2) Stay under 1200 calories.  Not a teensy bit over.

3) Bump up my cardio from 1 to 1.5 hrs a day.

That's all I've got for now.  I can't think of anything I could have changed this week, perhaps it's a plateau. I wish that if I had to plateau I could have done it at 299 or 298, I'd really like to see that 2 preceding the rest of the numbers on the scale.  I know it's only 4 lbs, but psychologically, being in the 200's is going to give me a huge boost to both my self esteem and my motivation.

5 or so years ago I hit 286 lbs on the scale and managed to get myself together and drop down into the 220's for awhile.  So I know for a fact I CAN do this as I have done it before.

Week 6 : 21 lbs down, 159 lbs to go
Current Weight : 304 lbs
Start Weight : 327 lbs
Goal Weight : 145 lbs

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  1. Hi Kate! Keep on going. I know how hard it can be when we don't see what we want to see. Weighing only once a week is a smart idea. It's tempting but there's milion of reason for you weight to fluctuate. You're so close to be under the 300 bar!!! I am 2 pounds away from losing my first 10 pounds and I can't wait to get there. Anyhow, have a good week! Melanie