Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week 4 Weigh-In

I'm really pleased with the progress.  I was 307.8 this morning, which is right on schedule.  Next week I'd like to be 20 lbs down.  As of today I'm 5% down.  I don't feel a huge difference but working out is becoming easier.  Last night I was doing Just Dance and the dances that would have tired me out 2 weeks are almost easy.

I'm going to have to find some more dance games, it is by far my preferred method of exercise.  Most of the movement and energy is expelled through moving my arms. I find myself wondering if this will tone my arms at all compared to jogging and walking.  I know that they say cardio doesn't tone muscle, it just burns fat, but when I'm walking/jogging a lot my calves become more muscular and I don't strength train my calves (that I know of).

My weight loss hasn't really change my appearance or made my clothes feel any different. My stomach feels emptier and I don't feel bloated. It's kind of funny that almost two ten pound bags of potato's makes such a small difference.  But then when I think of it that way, it's hard to believe that there is the equivalent  of 30 10lb bags of potato's left to me.  That's a lot of potato's.


Week 4 : 17 lbs down, 163 lbs to go
Current Weight : 308 lbs
Start Weight : 327 lbs
Goal Weight : 145 lbs

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