Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hello blog world!

I'm new to all this so please bear with me.

I've embarked on a journey of epic proportions (literally). Three weeks ago I got serious about taking care of my weight problems.  Finding myself once again alone and feeling rather depressed and pathetic I decided it was time to slay the obesity beast once and for all.

I began on July 20th at a staggering 325 pounds.  I've been overweight my entire life but this is by far the highest I've ever been. Ten months ago I gave birth to my second beautiful daughter, I thought that the weight would slowly come down as it did after my first pregnancy.  It has not, so I am grabbing the beast by the horns and getting this done!

In 100 weeks I will be 30 years old, so here is the goal: 180 lbs in 100 weeks, that is 1.8 lbs per week. I will weigh 145 lbs, feel amazing and look fabulous.

The Plan :

Exercising for at least an hour a day, but more if time permits.  I've turned a portion of my shop into a home gym.  So far it consists of a DVD player and a TV for exercise DVD's.  I am going to acquire more equipment as my budget permits.    

Eating whole foods.  I've cut out refined sugars and white flour.  I've been focusing on getting 25 grams of naturally occurring fiber, more than 60 grams of protein, less than 30 grams of fat and as few carbs as possible but definitely not more than 100 grams.  Using an online calorie counter I've been able to figure it out pretty quickly.

This was a very text dense post, expect pictures tomorrow.

- Kate

Week 3 : 15 lbs down, 165 lbs to go
Current Weight : 310 lbs
Start Weight : 325 lbs
Goal Weight : 145 lbs

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