Friday, September 13, 2013

Broken Promises

Just finished doing over 3 miles at a walk run.  77 minutes and 1269 calories burned.  Woohoo!!! I feel pumped and want to do some Just Dance.  I'm not ready to quit yet.


You can't tell but I just got up and did 34 minutes of Just Dance.  34 minutes and 770 calories burned!!  That's 22 calories a minute!  I averaged 165 bpm and peaked at 183.  I'm really happy with that.  That's what I meant the other day by 30 minutes of intentional, dedicated, hardcore exercise.

I read something the other day and it made me stop and think.  "Why is it that the easiest promises to break are the ones that we make to ourselves?"  It was in a free, kindle, self-published, fiction novella of all places.  I spent a few minutes thinking about this because it is so true and I've never thought of it in those terms before.

If I promise my mom that I'll babysit for her on a certain day you can bet that come hell or high water I will be there on that day, on time ready to babysit.  If I promise my daughter I'll sew her a Halloween costume fit for the Queen of England you can bet she's going to look amazing.  I'm just spitballing here but I bet that 75% of the promises I make to myself end up getting kicked to the curb.  I don't think I'm alone here, why do we do this to ourselves?  Why is what we want and need always secondary to what is convenient or easy?

Over the last week I haven't been sticking to my 1200 calorie a promise I made to myself.

Let's see if I can do better next week!  Although I'll be honest, I feel pretty amazing right now. I don't even hardly feel guilty.  Last night I ate over half a can of Reddi-whip on strawberry's and it wasn't even low fat. And yet here I am today, still plugging along.  I slipped, but I didn't fall down and I didn't even give quitting or throwing in the towel a passing thought. This is huge for me. So while I'd like to do better next week, if I do the same as I did this week, I will still be just fine!


Week 9 : 27.8 lbs down, 152.2 lbs to go
Current Weight : 297.2 lbs
Start Weight : 327 lbs
Goal Weight : 145 lbs

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  1. Hi Kate. You really have a good question here that is worth thinking at. It's good to know that you want to do better next week. We can always improve ourselves. Just thiking... why you want to stick to 1200 cal if your program's goal is between 1400-1700? Anyhow, this was just a thought... Have a wonderful week!